In the Studio!

SOON TO BE RELEASED! This will be our new CD, Don't Blame The Dynamite (if you can't light the fuse). We are getting ready for the mastering, so it will be out there as well as on our new store page, very soon!  This is not your ordinary CD and when you hear the range of songs - you will get some big surprises!

Photos 1-13 are courtesy of Daniel McMillin

1) RJ and Honey Robin - Dig that mellowbar!

2) Honey Robin and Rob - Moneeeyyyy  Yeahaaayyy

3) Honey Robin - Passion!

4) Rob - Pensive

5) Honey Robin - Play that guitar baby!

6) Honey Robin - Sultry!

7) RJ - Yeah!

8) RJ and Rob - The dynamic duo!

9) RJ - Hey you hear me down there?

10) Rob - Oooohhh -  I love this bass!

11) Rob -  Haaaaayyyyyyyy... ouch, that hurt!

RJ, Honey Robin and Rob - one more time please?

Michelle, Justin and Dave stopped by to see us at the studio. Lots of fun!

RJ with Michelle of The Blues Junkies, hanging at the studio.

Steve helping RJ set up his gear.

Honey Robin getting ready to sing one of her songs.

Bubba and Steve at the board getting set to record our new CD "Don't Blame The Dynamite" (if you can't light the fuse". Contact Create - a great studio!

Recording is thirsty work!

RJ and Rob playing along with Rick while he is laying the drum tracks.

RJ, Rob and Rick...the plot thickens :-)

Honey Robin gives Michelle a great big ole hug!


Oh daddy, daddy...pick me...pick me!

12) RJ - Hey - what am I doing at the bottomn of the page?

13) RJ - Your not at the bottom, I am!

RJ & Honey Robin Big Sky Blues Festival 2013

Big Sky Blues Festival in Noxon, MT; RJ, Honey Robin and Rob Baker on bass

Big Sky Festival 2011

Playing the Bluz at the Big Sky Blues Festival 2011- and what a fabulous festival it was!!! Beautiful Noxon, Montana, great music, wonderful bands, mountains, river, beautiful doesn't get any better! Everyone come next year for sure! Thanks and we love you guys! RJ, Robin "Red", Rob, Gabriel and Cheryl.

Blues To Benefit the Brave 2012
Blues to benefit the BRAVE 2011

Rj on guitar, Rob on bass, Gabriel on drums and Lee on organ, hiding behind Rob.

Rj, Rob and're still hiding...

Alright, lets add some women! From left, Robin, Cheryl, RJ, Rob...and now Robin, Gabriel and Lee are hiding. See what you started Lee!

Robin, Cheryl, Rj and Rob making some beautiful harmonies.

You rock Cheryl!

By the way, Cheryl and Gabriel Cuevas are a matched set, always making beautiful music together.

Go Rj - Go! Get down, get back up again!

Yup - we're glued to Cheryl's performance!

The guys have it! Look at those slammin' snake skin boots on RJ...woohoo!

Ahhhhhh, it's the twins :-)

Lee! Thanks for sitting in with us!

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